Trifari 1940s Enamel Corn Fur Clip

$ 1,500.00

Amazing rare Trifari corn shaped fur clip from the 1940s!  This piece is a whimsical figural that shows the high end touches of retro Trifari design.  Measuring 3"x 2" this fur clip is a great size to wear on many fabrics.  The whole piece is rhodium plated and and the front is hand painted enamel.  The rhodium plating is in excellent condition.  The enamel has a few wear marks (see the last two photos), but is still in very good condition.  The edges of the cornhusks are set with small clear rhinestones.  A few are discolored, but all the original stones are intact.  The back is stamped with the crown Tirfari mark on the fur clip assembly and also a "Pat. Pend" stamp. A rare and collectible piece from Trifari, this is the only one we have seen in 30+ years of business!

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