Pietra Dura Stickpin

$ 110.00

A gorgeous early 1900s Sterling Silver stickpin set with a piece of Italian Pietra Dura.  This stickpin features an unusual diamond shaped piece of Pietra Dura.  Pietra Dura is a very old inlay technique that uses semi-precious gems and hardstone slices to create pictures.  The surface is smooth and level, different from mosaic technique.  This stickpin has a floral scene in blue, white, and pink that is sent into a black background.  The Sterling Silver frame has beautiful detailing, the interior design is polished and the border is textured with tiny lines.  The contrast makes this piece especially eye-catching.  

The head of this stickpin measures 1"long x 5/8" wide, the pin is 2 3/4" long.  This piece is in excellent condition and would be a stellar addition to any collection! 

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