Matte Enamel Mid Century Bracelet

$ 245.00

  • A beautiful matte finish cloisonne enamel bracelet from the 1950s-1960s, likely German made.  
  • Each panel features two abstract starbursts designs. The enamel has a matte finish and is a blend of translucent lavender and dark blue. 
  • The reverse of the bracelet is a brilliant yellow counter enamel.
  • This bracelet is stamped with an unidentified hallmark on the clasp. The mark is possibly a stylized "A" or a combined "f I", see picture detail. 
  • This bracelet features a secure hidden hook style clasp.
  • This bracelet is in excellent condition.  The enamel is original and intact.
  • The bracelet setting is made from brass plated copper.
  • Bracelet measures 7 1/4" x 3/4". 
  • Each panel measures 1" x 3/4".

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