Art Deco Halley's Comet Diamond Ring

$ 1,300.00

Amazing Art Deco Diamond ring inspired by Halley's comet. When Halley's comet appeared in the sky in 1910 it inspired many beautiful pieces of jewelry, the central diamond is the head of the comet, followed by an engraved tail and surrounded by a cloud of smaller diamonds. 

Made from 14kt white gold this ring features a 1.0 carat (5mm) central diamond framed by a swirl of smaller diamonds (15 stones, 1.1mm each) (TCW - 1.1125 carats) This ring is a size 4.5 and weighs 3.5 grams.  

This ring is very comfortable and well designed.  It has a low profile and flush settings so it will be snag free and easy to wear.  An unusual and desirable design, own it today!